Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Karwendel Heaven

stats of the week: run 68km, cycled 182km, gym 2h

This year's Karwendelmarsch saw around 650 runners and 1,200 walkers starting the 52km journey crossing the Karwendel mountains from East to West. It was sold out two months in advance. The reason was obvious. It is a glorious route in a wonderful landscape with a perfect organization, richly equipped food stations and friendly volunteers. 

Three main passes have to be crossed, always with high cliffs to your right and a more green scenery to the left (North). 

My own performance was surprisingly good. After 35K and two passes my legs felt still okay and I had a very happy day. There was an opitional finish provided at this point but no doubt I decided to go on.

The third pass turned out to be the hardest one and without shadow. My slowest 1K took 21 minutes! The downhill was fast and tiring. Now my energy was gone. There was a final flat stretch on tarmac of 8K where I had to walk several times.

 Still able to smile at the finish line after 7h 43min 8sec.

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