Sunday, 29 December 2019

Winter speed work

stats of the week: run 39 km, gym 3 h

Back home to German winter it was a fairly good start although I am still working to get over the 11h jet lag. Every evening I fall asleep at around 9pm while my normal time is midnight.

I enjoyed our traditional "christmas roast digestive run" in the local woods. A big group of runners of different clubs and several neighbour towns met to have a social sportive morning on boxing day.

Did a cautious speed workout on the treadmill - 5 single km at up to 5:12 min/K. It worked well so I plan to repeat speed work every week from now on. However next speed work is the local 10K new year's eve run at Herne where I expect to finish at a rather slow time of  53 min.

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