Wednesday, 18 November 2020

New experience in the well known woods

stats of the week: run 16 km, cycled 57 km, hiked 14 km, tm walked 14 km
stats of the previous week: run 11 km, cycled 59 km, indoor cycled 66 min, hiked 15 km, tm walked 10 km

Two more active and varied weeks of training. My mountain bike had not been used for many many years. It was a prize I won at a Christmas lottery. The first 3 times I rode it I had 3 accidents without other people being involved. I just couldn't handle the brakes and was out of their depth. After this experience I let the bike rest in the basement. Until now. After 3 rides I am still free of downfalls and I really enjoy cycling through our hilly autumn woods.

During our sort of lockdown I have to force myself to get out every day. My weekly contacts I can count by my 10 fingers. It is a lonesome time and feels like a quarantine for months.

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