Monday, 30 November 2020

TV zwifting

stats of the week: run 18 km, cycled 88 km, indoor cycled 45 min, tm walked 12 km, hiked 13 km
stats of the previous week: run 16 km, indoor cycled 3:15 h, tm walked 14 km

The knee problem continues and I stick to weekly 3 short runs of 6 km max. At least I started to finish my  jogs by a fast final kilometer of sub 5 min/km. I am happy that I am still capable to do this pace.

As winter temperatures come in I zwift quite freqently. I use a free month I got with the purchase of my new hometrainer. Zwift is a fairly popular software for indoor cycling but I find it less entertaining than expected. I still go over to watching TV while zwifting what means there are two screens in front of my bike.

Got my second London medal this year. It is a pretty impressive one known that I had to run only 10 km to receive it.

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