Tuesday, 27 June 2006

Death Penalty

Monday: gym, 2 hrs
Tuesday: biking, 62K, 630 height meters, 2:44 hrs

My legs felt very weak today, especially at the start when I always have to bike up a short but very steep hill. Warmed up it got a little better but I had to struggle at every hill. Obviously my muscles have not yet recovered from the hard run on Sunday. Today is the 12th consecutive day of training, so some tiredness might be evident. I always regard gym days as rest days because I don't do anything wearisome. But probably it delays the recovery.

With all the World Cup enthusiasm Germany is proud to show its modern way of life to the visiting world. And the media had only a short line about the re-establishment of death penalty: The first free living bear since 1870 roaming through Bavaria did not behave according to human law. He was born in Slovenia and came to Germany without entry visa. Even worse he ate German sheep and honey without paying. He was shot dead yesterday by a huntsman (or should I say "killer") ordered by the Bavarian Government.

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