Thursday, 22 June 2006

Strong Legs

Wednesday: gym, 2hrs
Thursday: hill intervals, 10.5K, 1:00 hrs (7 laps = 350m)

Enjoyed the hilly workout today and did one lap more than planned. My legs just felt so strong I could have done more but thought it would be better to hold my horses.

It is a short lap with a height difference of 50 meters and it takes about 8 minutes to complete. The ascent is on a steep path in the wood, the descent via a tarmaced serpentine road which is less steep. During the next 3 weeks I hope to extend this workout to 12 laps.

My predominant reason to do this kind of strength training is to prepare for the hill race up the Zugspitze. But hill runs are recommended for every runner preparing for any race. According to most experts the scholastic order of a training season building up to one's main race is: endurance (~ 8 weeks), strength (3 weeks), speed (4 weeks). That's the theory. I have to admit I never made it to stick to any schedule for more than a couple of weeks.

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