Friday, 23 June 2006

A happy Year

By the way - it is now one year ago that I retired from work. I simply can say this year was the happiest time I had since I was a student. Opting for very early retirement was one the few right decisions I made during my life. I often ask myself why work was such a nightmare. It is always a matter of people (including yourself of course). There was a fair number of nice and friendly colleagues who I was happy to work with. But there were also some who were more difficult to get along with. And even the friendlier ones have to aim for targets which often interfere with a relaxed cooperation. Perhaps that is one reason I love running and hill walking and computer work. You can do it on your own and neither the countryside nor the computer has an idea of you.

Other decisions I did not rue: Quitting catholic church, refusing military duty, stop smoking, turning vegetarian, start running.
However, there were the wrong decisions which were more important. But I better stay silent about these.

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