Friday, 16 June 2006

Running Update

Perhaps you should have reminded me that this blog originally was intended to be a blog about running. With all my excitement about the Azores holiday I nearly forgot about this. I owe you an update.

There are two good news. First is the look of my ankle. This is what it looked like when I got the cortisol injection 5 weeks ago:

Now it's like this:

Much better, isn't it? I would not yet call it 100% fit. But I could run six times in between without any problems. As the doctor predicted it sometimes still hurts slightly. But I put fairly big strains on it especially by walking over rough Lava grounds for hours. This was even more stress for the ankle than a usual run.

Plans are now to build up to a level of 3 runs a week, one very easy jog, one hilly workout and one long run ( 16K at first, increasing to 30K). Adding to this I hope to go out by bike twice, completed by 2 gym sessions. This programme should make me fit to run the Zugspitzlauf on July 23, a hill run finishing on Germany's highest mountain at 2.960 meters - weather permitting.

Want to know the second good news? My application for the New York City Marathon 2006 has been accepted! My number is 33171. I would have got an entry anyway as I again will work as a travel guide for the German travel agency interAir. The good thing is that someone placed on interAir's waiting list now will be able to get in.

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