Thursday, 16 November 2006

Business as usual

thu 11/16/2006: hilly run, 13K, 200m, 1:08 hrs
tue 11/14/2006: flat run, 13.5K, 1:15 hrs
mon 11/13/2006: gym 2 hrs + sauna

sun 11/12/2006: easy jog, 8.5K, 0:52 hrs

After a late season packed with major highlights I am now back to normal and glad that my legs don't moan. I treated them to a whole week of full rest after the NYC marathon and came back cauteously.

Today I regretted that I didn't take the camera with me as it was such a beautiful sunny and warm autumn day. It was a real pleasure to move through the coloured local woods and enjoy the sun.

Already feeling enterprising again I entered 4 local races to be done until the end of the year. All of them are distances between 9K and 15K. In previous years I always trained hard to look good in these events cos many local contenders take part. Most years I had to pay the price later on when I failed to get fit for the following London Marathon. Therefore I committed myself to take it easy this time. But I have to admit I start feeling tingly again ...

By the way: For a final view back you might like to see my NYC marathon race report.

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