Sunday, 26 November 2006

Shoes sorted out - knee to be kept

su 26/11: hilly run, 16K, 310m, 1:23 hrs
sa 25/11: gym, 2 hrs

Went to the gym yesterday to work on my sixpack (sorry, no photo) although B claimed that it has not to be improved but I don't believe her. Well, the other reason was that I booked a preventive medical checkup for next friday. Two years ago I managed to reach 300 watts on the indoor bike. I desperately want to retry this to prove that I don't grow older. I would be disappointed by a lower performance. So I thought it to be a good idea to train for it. I made it up to 225 watts without being exhausted what was okay. Will try again Monday or Tuesday.

The knee still causes problems. It hurt during the first 15 mins of today's run, then it was fine and the outcome was the second fastest run along this route this year. I really felt strong and relaxed. Afterwards I treated the knee by placing the icebag on it. But didn't notice that it got leaky (the icebag) and messed the carpet wickedly.

Marathon in New York City also means shopping in New York City. I could not resist to buy two pairs of running shoes (beside lots of running cloths). Therefore I had to clear my stock now and sorted out 5 pairs:

I have to admit they look quite usable but most are more than 3 years old and worn out.

Not that I wouldn't have a choice now:

There are still 8 pairs waiting to be carried out and see nature.

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