Friday, 24 November 2006

A cautious week

training stats
Fr 24/11: run, 8K, flat, 0:46 hrs
Th 23/11: hilly fartlek run, 8K, 150m, 0:42 hrs
We 22/11: slow run, 8.5K, 0:51 hrs
Tu 21/11: gym, 1.5 hrs
Mo 20/11: slow run, 7K, 0:40 hrs
Su 19/11: hilly run, 16K, 300m, 1:32 hrs
Sa 18/11: rest
Fr 17/11: hilly run, 11K, 200m, 1:05 hrs

The stats might look impressive at first but on a second view you will notice that the daily runs were rather short. I cancelled my start at Saturday's race in Hagen-Hohenlimburg due to light problems with my right knee. I would love to run there but the oncoming races next month are even more important to me, so I avoid the risk to worsen the injury.

Always being prepared for this kind of common cases I store a couple of ice bags in the freezer. Most times this treatment is enough to get back on the road.

By the way - if you like to have a look - I published a small non-runner's gallery of New York City photos.
And I promise to start the work on the Nepal report shortly.

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