Thursday, 30 November 2006

The knee and other collapses

Th 11/30: forced to rest
We 11/29: flat run, 10K, 0:52 hrs
Tu 11/28: gym, 2 hrs
Mo 11/27: easy run, 7K, 0:40 hrs

The knee is still causing problems and restricted my mileage significantly. It's not the common pain I usually suffer at the kneecap's cartilage. It seems to be the patella tendon. The evil thing is that I don't notice anything during everyday life but after running for a couple of minutes the pain starts.

I have offered J to work as her pacemaker at Saturday's race. So I won't have to go for top speed. We will aim for 44 mins finishing the flat route of 9.6K which is a tempo of around 4:35 min/K.

You might remember J is the lady who collapsed at the 8K race in August. What I didn't report here, she also collapsed after 39K at the Frankfurt Marathon 5 weeks ago. Now she is desperate to get to the finish of her next race. Luckily I am an experienced expert in holding back fast ladies who tend to run away too fast. But J is a formidable policewoman and a tough gal. I will need all my assertiveness to slow her down.

The race will probably ruin my knee for at least another week but I love the event and want to be part of it.

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