Saturday, 10 February 2007

Blog Silence for a Fortnight

Folks, I will be off for some days of sun bathing on the Canary Islands next Sunday. As usual I take my notebook with me but I am not sure if I will be able to post during the coming two weeks.

Received my Cortisone injection today without any complications - it is too early to report any impacts now. The knee still crunches and clicks with every bending.

Hope to build up my holiday activities from easy hill walking at first, followed by some mountain biking and finally a couple of easy jogs.

I thought about my prospects of taking part in the London Marathon 2007 (you reckon, I am doing this constantly). It is particularly difficult because I asked for sponsoring money this time - and I really would love to run together with B as we did in New York last year. There will probably be a choice of 3 options:
1. to withdraw.
2. to start the race and run alongside B as long as I can and try to walk to the finish.
3. to start as in (2.), then take the tube and run the final couple of miles together with B.

Of course option 3 would mean cheating. But would it really matter if my name was found in the results somewhere in the middle of the pack? Otherwise I definitely cannot let down my sponsors. E.g. Sabine paid one pound per kilometer. Tube kilometers? Perhaps I can offer to run a different race ... What do you think about these options?

However, there is still some hope left that I will be able to run the whole distance. Little hope.

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