Sunday, 4 February 2007

Waiting Room

training stats
tu 01/30 - su 02/04 rest

11 weeks to go until race day and there is still no running at all. The doc turned out to be too optimistic about the disappearance of the back pain. The injection was successful as far as it enabled me to move again but the back is still hurting all day. So running was out of question although the knee seemed to get better.

Got my magnetic resonance images done on Thursday and the comment of the photographing doctor was somewhat frustrating. She told me about degenerated joints and getting older in general and that I should think about running less or giving it up completely. She didn't give the impression of being highly motivated to help me. I will talk to my orthopaedist tomorrow and my guess is that I will get a couple of more cartilage injections. My hope still is to be fit again when returning from the hill walking holiday on Gomera which will end on Feb 21.

There is some hope that my streak of bad luck has finished now. Friday night I was very lucky to escape a horrible car accident narrowly. An overtaking car came towards me by very high speed - after applying the brakes with all the power I had I managed to move my sliding car onto the pavement at the very last second. It was like looking death in the eye and after it I felt like reborn.

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