Tuesday, 12 June 2007


Okay, okay, I know I have to be happy with my result in Stockholm. The officially confirmed temperature was 29°celsius and along the route a display even showed a maximum of 36°c.

But I had two goals: I wanted to run my fastest time since 2004 and I wanted to beat J's time she clocked in Duisburg. What meant a time of exactly 3:39 hrs or less.

Regarding the conditions it was still a decent run. But since I missed my target by just a few minutes I have to admit there is some disappointment to be felt.

However, I got the impression that I am still able to run a time of around 3:30 when I can manage to train properly for a couple of months and race day conditions are not adverse.

So long I console myself my looking at the result list: I made it 116th of 953 runners in my age group and was 1,557th of 14,319 overall who started the race. Nearly 1,900 quit the race what is an extraordinary high rate.

I survived by trotting from one shower to the next - and there were a lot of them. I reckon I poured about 100 mugs of water over my head and shoulders. It was really a memorable race not only because of countless bikini girls watching the race while sunbathing.

When the provider's photos are available I will post some impressions.

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