Tuesday, 12 June 2007

The documents

Obviously this photo was taken during the first of two laps, after about 9K. Considerately there was no photographer at this place during second lap when certainly I was no longer able to smile.

Still moving in style.

Far into second lap, after around 34K. No pain, no gain.

Bathing on the roads.

Smiling coolness after Olympic finish.


Distance Total....Split Speed Place
5 K......0.24.42..24.42 4.56/k 1900
10.38 K..0.51.30..26.47 4.58/k 1876
15 K.....1.15.25..23.55 5.10/k 1765
20 K.....1.41.29..26.03 5.12/k 1782
Half Mar.1.46.59...5.29 4.59/k 1740
25 K.....2.07.02..20.02 5.08/k 1640
30 K.....2.32.53..25.51 5.10/k 1492
35 K.....3.00.30..27.37 5.31/k 1405
40 K.....3.30.16..29.45 5.57/k 1428
finish...3.42.34..12.18 5.36/k 1452

It is interesting to see how I improved my placing by 500 places until 35K, then I lost 47 places. Between 30 and 35K I lost a lot of speed but I still gained 87 places! Looking at the figures I even more regret that I lost the deciding minutes between 30 and 40K.

1452 is my ranking within the men's field. There were also 105 women (out of 2,796) in front of me.

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