Sunday, 17 June 2007

Thanks to the Lord

training stats

su 17/06: hilly run, 16K, 1:31 hrs
th 14/06: indoor endurance mix, 1 hr
we 13/06: gym, 1.5 hrs

End of this month I will have completed the second year of my early retirement. I still regard the recent two years as the very best time I ever had in my life. Every morning I wake up I send my honest thanks to Lord John Browne, Baron of Madingley, former CEO of British Petroleum (see photo) whose high level decision lead to the very low level where I was sent home being paid for doing nothing. Ironically, John has retired, too, meanwhile - obviously earlier than than he wanted to, but I reckon he will now be able to enjoy his freedom together with his gay friend, Jeff Chevalier.

I always aimed to make the very best of my retirement and was looking forward to it. Now I can say it is even far more exciting than I ever dreamt of. I don't have a gay friend I have to determine and noticably less money to spend than Mr Browne. My income is down to 72.5% I received before. However, my freedom has more than doubled and the money I get for staying off the office is still more than most people get paid for working their ass off.

Thanks again, Lord Browne, I am sure the two of us are making the best of it we can.

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