Sunday, 24 June 2007

Rail and Bike

Training stats
Su 24/06: hilly run, 16K, 1:29 hrs
Sa 23/06: easy bike tour, 85K, 4:26 hrs
Fr 22/06: gym 1.5 hrs
weeks total: run 40K, bike 85K, gym 2 sessions

Yesterday we took our bikes and entered a train to the village of Finnentrop in the Sauerland, a low and woody mountain range which can conveniently be reached within one hour by rail. Recently a new bike route has been opened, a fairly flat lap of 85K mostly following disused railway lines. It is not known very well yet and not as popular as the likewise new Ruhrtalradweg we originally planned to do. We had to change our plans since my friends still belong to working class people and one of them wasn't able to get a day off. So we sticked to a one-day-trip and we were lucky with our choice.

Photo below: Bikers have to pass the former railway tunnel "K├╝ckelheimer Tunnel". Its length is 689 meter and it is a bats reserve. Therefore it is closed in winter to save the animals. We were happy to see that there is electric light inside.

Hundreds of thousands of trees had been struck by spring storms earlier this year. Woodworkers still have to clear most of the woods. Stored trunks can be seen all along the route.

The route is called the Sauerland Radring. However, we had to shorten our lap since we lost too much time for eating, drinking and eating again. I guess my calory balance of the day out finally was not a success.

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