Sunday, 21 October 2007

Cautious Running

training stats
week's total: run 54K, gym 2 sessions
Su 21/10: run, 9K, 0:46 hrs
Sa 20/10: gym, 2 hrs
Fr 19/10: run, 17K, 1:32 hrs
Th 18/10: rest
We 17/10: treadmill, 10K, 1:00 hrs

I cautiously shortened today's run to 9K. Schedule was to do a long run of 30K. But I felt a light strain at my right thigh so it was wise to cut down the workout. As it was a cold and rainy morning I was not too disappointed. The muscle seems to have recovered, so I hope to make up for the missed distance on Tuesday. Mid of next week is the last chance to do a long run with sufficient time to recover until marathon day at Nov 04.

Once you have set up a schedule it is always hard to fall behind your planned workouts. It needs some years of running experience - at least for me - to get strong enough to withstand and take the required rest. Though it is already the second time I am not able to fulfil the weekly mileage. As long as I can complete the final long run I stay confident that I will be fit to finish below 3:40 hrs in NYC.

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