Saturday, 6 October 2007

Some Photos from South Tyrolia

Training stats
Sa 06/10: rest
Fr 05/10: morning run, 13K, 1:12 hrs, plus hill walk 5 hrs
Th 04/10: easy hill walk, 4 hrs

We'll see if all the hill walking was too much to stay fit enough and run a decent half marathon tomorrow. The route profile offers no excuse. It is totally flat, there is only one ascent of mere 10 meters. And weather will be perfect. No excuse, we'll see..

Some pictures taken during the week:

Apples are the main business here besides wine and tourism, of course.

In calm Ultental you still find a lot of old farm houses, still working in the old fashioned way, with the modern SUV car in front, and all electronis staff inside you can get nowadays.

The gardens of Trauttmannsdorff in Merano offer a modern attraction: Airy outlook above the valley.
Downtown Merano is touristic and mediterranian.

On the top of Hochwart (2.608 meters) looking North to the Ortler. In good conditions it is an easy hill walk up there but with lots of snow it was even more entertaining.

The village Tirol is nicely situated on a hillside above Merano and enjoys sun all day.

Finally lucky me on the top of Lauwandspitze (2251m) with Ifinger in the background.

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