Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Not disappointing

training stats
We 10/10:
run, 13K, 1:14 hrs
Tu 09/10: rest
Mo 08/10: rest

week's total: run 60K, hill walking 25 hrs
Su 07/10: hm race, 21K, 1:36 hrs, plus afternoon hill stroll, 4 hrs

As expected the Suedtirol Half Marathon had a strong and fast field with international runners at the top. The winner was more than half an hour quicker than me, the first 8 men were professional overseas runners from Kenya, Morrocco etc. Conditions were perfect and the route really flat with the exception of 3 ascents of 10-20 meters.

And as expected I could not manage to run a PB but it was still a proper race. A brave one, indeed. Until 13K I was on course for a finish at 1:35. Then I had to fight very hard and lost not more than a minute. At 20K I was still convinced to finish below 1:36, but then there was this long and high bridge to cross and the final stretch seemed to be longer than 1.097 meters. Finally I clocked exactly 1:36:12.

I have a range of photos showing me finishing but the pictures are to be censored. I just look too beat-up. As always Angelika shook her head seeing my condition. I admit it might have looked worrying but it only takes 5 minutes to recover. Outsiders will not understand but we know that all the toil is really fun. I love the moment beyond the finish line when I smile at other runners while gasping for breath together.

Relaxed start in the South Tyrolian village of Neumarkt:

A slightly less relaxed finish at the same place, 1:36:12 hrs later (chip time):

20 minutes before, synchronous gestures by the winning lady and her pace maker - not gentlemanlike:

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