Tuesday, 18 May 2010

More Racy Veterans

Following the recent note on Charles Eugster, competing oarsman and bodybuilder at the age of 90, today I have the pleasure to allude to the oldest man ever to have finished a half marathon.

Constant London Marathon runners will already know him. Fauja Singh ran London in 2000, when he was 89 and finished his first ever marathon after 6:54 hrs. 3 years later he set his PB in Toronto with 5:40 hrs. Meanwhile he has finished 5 London Marathons, 2005 being his last one.

Last Saturday he ran the ING Luxembourg Half Marathon in 3:32:30 as the only member of his very own age group "M99" (certificate). Fauja: "I won't stop running until I die."

photo by alphafoto.com: Fauja even got his own pacemakers.

By the way: Let me just point out he is vegetarian ...

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