Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Scotland is hot

stats of the week: Edinburgh Marathon, 3.57.35 hrs

Did I say the weather was going to be perfect? It was - for the spectators. And for the runners to relax on the meadow after the race. Newspapers reported the hottest May weekend in Scotland ever! 26°c was more than Athens had to offer on the same day, the headlines claimed.

Adding to this the route turned out to be not as flat and fast as promised. The first miles were narrow and twisting, later there were a number of strenuous short climbs. Though toughest parts were the long stretches without shadow.

Even more admirable that B reached her target to finish sub 4 hours.

Drafting in her lee I felt comfortable and strong until I experienced a weak moment after around 36km. I saw her running off and felt that I won't be able to follow. But with the help of some dextrose and the view of the 25-mile-sign I managed to close the gap. Together we delivered a really strong and breathless finish.

Capable of smiling again. Well done!

Split times:
10km 52.06
21.1km 1.52.21
30km 2.44.15
42.2km 3.57.35

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