Sunday, 16 May 2010

Tired legs in good shape

stats of the week: run 39km, cycled 211km, 1 gym

Adding up the weekly stats this evening I am very surprised that the week was the most ambitious of the year so far:

Anyway, this is the mathematical result of converting cycling to running by a rate of 35km of cycling equivalent to 10km of running. This ratio obviously can be discussed. Especially for long rides it needs to be adjusted.

However, my body agrees that is was a very tough week. After a long ride yesterday my legs woke up very tired this morning. I was amazed that - after an ardous start - I was able to complete a hilly 16km run in quite a good shape.

Today all flights to Manchester and Edinburgh were cancelled! Please, volcano E..., don't cause the same trouble as with the London Marathon!! The Met Office raises some hope as it forecasts wind will change at mid of the week... My flight is booked for Friday morning.

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