Sunday, 17 October 2010

Race the training

stats of the week: run 42km, gym 3hrs

It was a week of obstacles with a happy end. It took my muscles half the week to recover from last weekend's half marathon. Then I caught my first cold of the year but got over it in time to be fit again to do another race! I intended to do it as the scheduled long training run. Alas - like most times when training within a race the run resulted in higher speed than it was planned. However, I enjoyed 2.5 hrs of running through the beautiful countryside of the Teutoburger Wald.

This photo was taken after 6km. Interesting to see that the young lady to the very left is the one who finished just behind me after 29km.

Finishing 11th in my age group is nothing to be proud of ... but is reason enough to be very happy. There were just 41 chaps of my age doing the distance on a rather tough route. You are even more grateful being that fit when you see a person close to you struggling to be able to walk.

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