Monday, 11 October 2010

Run and move

stats of the week: run 41km, cycled 118km, gym 2hrs

With 4 weeks to go to New York it was a convienent weekend to test my speed on half the distance at our home town event, the Ruhrtal-Marathon. There was even a group from UK at the start, some runners from the Cambridge area.

Finishing after 1:38:35 I was just 1 minute slower than 2 years ago. Projecting this to a full distance leads to time of around 3:35 hrs. This allows another 10 min for the hills of Manhattan and my target of 3:45. I still have to build up more performance to be on a safer side.

Yesterday's photos - Fighting to the finish line (it was downhill):

It wasn't my ranking what made me standing on the podium! The audiance serenaded to celebrate 10 years of! I was moved but didn't feel really comfortable ...

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