Monday, 13 January 2020

Elderly boy wonder

stats of the week: run 43 km, gym 3 h

Miracles are rare but sometimes they happen. Sunday's 10 K was such a kind of wonder. A cold and very windy day, but a flat and fast course. I hoped to confirm a 51 min time but things got even better. Apart from 2nd and 3rd Km I was able to run a sub 5 min/K pace and finished after 49:57 min. A personal best since more than 2 years!

Surprisingly I was placed only 8th in my age group. Indeed the area is known for a big number of really fast senior runners. They were all there obviously.

I can't really tell a reason for the improvement. I have only just returned to speed intervals. May be the performance follows the relaxing and sunny holidays on Hawaii. May be the repaired heart gets back to a state of higher effort. Now I am curious about my running year 2020.

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