Sunday, 19 January 2020

Tired and limited

stats of the week: run 38 km, gym 4 h

I pondered a lot about the reason why my performance improved although I didn't increase my training effort. Then I found one assumption. I halfed the application rate of my blood diluter. I have done this for 3 weeks but now I got convinced to turn back to the full dose. Every reputable source says that you should stick to 2 x 90 mg of inhibitors of platelet aggregation for a full year after you got coated stents. Now I will see if I slow down again.

photo: my look after 9 K

On this Saturday I did slow down. Maybe it was the expected fatigue when running the 3rd 10K race within 3 weeks. Legs felt tired from the start on and breathing was limited. However, I was fast for the first 5 K but then I was forced to slow down. Finally 50:35 was still the second best time for the last 2 years. No reason to moan.

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