Saturday, 30 December 2006

Another week on the back seat of life

training stats
mo 12/25 - sa 12/30: rest, pause, break, nothing, nil, none, naught, not a yard (damned!)


This is the situation when a blog really makes sense as its purpose is to draw the surfers' attention and post pathetic lines asking everybody to pity (as long as there is no chance to impress anybody).

I have to cancel my start at the
New Year's Eve Race. The flu is nearly gone but seamlessly followed by a sinusitis. I would be crazy enough to ignore all this but my knee is not. I now have to believe what I use to tell those who send emails asking for advice: There are always better times to come. New year, new run.

As I won't stand it to sit at home when my friends are running the race where I have taken part for 12 consecutive years, I will go and take some photos of happy runners and congratulate them at the finish line (don't be confused finding my name in the results - a friend will use my number).

All the very best for 2007 - keep on running. Thanks for reading and coming again. Hope to see you in London for the best of all marathons.

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