Monday, 18 December 2006

Not a full come back

training stats
mo 12/18: gym easy, 1 hr
su 12/17: hilly run, 16K, 1:35 hrs
sa 12/16: rest
fr 12/15: run, 10.5K, 1:00 hrs
th 12/14: rest
we 12/13: run, 11K, 1:01 hrs

I apologize for not posting during last week. Most time sitting in front of the computer I was busy with updating the regional race calender for next year ( and worked on my Nepal travel report. The German version will be ready to go on line before Christmas and I hope to complete an English version until new year's eve.

I tried to restrict the number of photos but there will be still 178 ones to be seen. Hope some of the visitors will make it through all 7 pages.

Regarding my training stats I have to admit that I am not back to a mileage level I would be happy with. The calf strain is gone but I am still struggling with the knee problem. It is the first time for years that I am not able to run at my very best on
New Year's Eve race. The 15K race from Westfalian town Werl to Soest celebrates its 25th anniversary thereof 18 which I took part in. It is a duty to run and I will do it even with a hurting knee.

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