Friday, 8 December 2006

Homage to Katie

training stats
fr 12/08: easy jog, 6K, 100m, 0:35 hrs
su 12/03 to th 12/07: rest

Wednesday eve we were out to meet Katie Melua on one of her few performances in Germany. Today and tomorrow she is in Amsterdam and then it's Paris.

Wednesday it was Oberhausen. I didn't know the place before. This "K├Ânig-Pilsener-Arena" was a disappointment. The venue is fine for sports events or noisy big rock groups but it is totally unsuitable for a single little lady singing love songs.

The next disappointment happened at 8pm when Katie's concert was supposed to start. A group called The Stories appeared and wasted half an hour of our time. They were from Swansea in Wales what could have helped but it didn't. The next half hour was just waiting. Shortly after 9pm - the audience startet to get impatient - Katie on her own appeared on stage. And it didn't take to the end of her first song that she had caught the whole of the audience including me being totally in love. You might reckon that an old guy like me is resistant to this kind of emotions which should have gone long since. But I found myself being close to tears several times this evening. Maybe cos all is that long ago ;-) I enjoyed the whole of the 100 minutes Katie was singing. And I would have loved to hear her performing in a concert hall.

Calf news is good news. I stopped any kind of sports for a whole week and tried to jog easily this morning. There is still a small ball to be felt in the muscle but jogging was fine today. So I will try to take part in next Sunday's race. Certainly I am not in the state to go for a presentable result but it is the local event and sort of duty to be there.

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