Monday, 29 January 2007

Sunday Pleasure

training stats
mo 01/29: rest
su 01/28: see post
sa 01/27: gym, 2 hrs, indoor bike 45min
fr 01/26: rest
th 01/25: doc

This blog was intended to be a blog about running and my training schedule on the way to my 8th London Marathon. Frequent visitors will have recognised that the diary sort of drifted away to a regular description of injuries and diseases. That is what it remains and here is another chapter.

Not being able to run I thought it would cheer me up to have a Sunday morning walk in the local wood. I would meet my running friends and although it would be sad to see them running it might still be good to have a chat.

You might suspect what happened. After 50 meters of walking I increased my speed to overtake a couple of fashionable nordic walkers. I stretched the upper body as there was a modest ascent - and suddenly I felt one of my spinal discs moving out of the place it is made for. I ignored the fact as far as I could and managed to walk for nearly one hour. The result was that for the rest of the day I was hardly able to move.

Lumbago or lower back pain is a very common case. Often it is caused by stress at work or private life. Sounds feasible to me as I had a week behind me I count as among the worst I ever had. The pain is caused by the squeezed part of the dics pressing onto the sciatic nerve. What follows are painfully tensed muscles and limited ability to move.

(photo by Wiki)

The good news is that Lumbago is no serious accident most times. I got an Epidural injection today and the doc forecasted that I would be fine again within a couple of days. The other good thing is that the pain is so dominant that I don't notice the knee meanwhile ...

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