Thursday, 25 May 2006

Aching optimism

Got my corrected orthotics yesterday. In fact they were made completely new. The shoemaker said it was clear that the first ones couldn't fit cos my running shoes have a bended last. Well, I brought my shoes with me when ordering the first ones but it didn't help. Anyway, I am glad the new ones seem to be fine. They have a stronger support to prevent pronation and a pad called "pelotte" which helps my very broad forefoot to stabilise.

I also visited the doctor yesterday and was slightly disappointed that I didn't get any new therapy procedure. He just told me to be happy with the current outcome and advised me to start running again. Well, happy to hear that, of course. But he added I shouldn't worry that the foot will still be hurting for a while. "We will master that" he assured. Well, the best way is to be optimistic. That is what our World Cup Team is teaching the nation, isn't it?

I was optimistic enough to buy a pair of new running shoes which were a bargain. It is a pair of Asics Trabuco which should carry me up Zugspitze - Germany's highest mountain. The race will take place on July 23rd and I still hope to get fit by then. I ran it the two previous years and I am keen to do it again.

I was grateful for today's bad weather as I counted 4 parts of my body aching. Without going into detail and boring you - the result was I sadly had to cancel the extensive bike tour I had planned today. So I sat in front of the computer all day to do more translation work. I finished to do the New York Marathon report. If you haven't seen the German version you are invited to read the new English one. This, too, is part of the fundraising project which I have already started as you might have seen here.

Well, there are always better times to come. I now look forward to another journey which will start on Sunday. More about this tomorrow.

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