Thursday, 18 May 2006

Don't mention the people

Today was a busy day - especially when you think about a retired person like I am ;-) Heavy rain in the morning made me sit in front of the PC and start translating my German Kilimanjaro Pages into English. I thought my site should become more attractive to international visitors before setting up my new fundraising page. This is a bigger project and will take some time. I hope everything will be published before the new London Marathon season starts on August 1. Perhaps I should consider translating my German TourBritain Pages. But this would make an awful lot of work. I guess there would be about 100 pages to be done. No winter could be long enough to finish this.

As you might have seen in the previous posting our countryside is fairly nice. To meet the locals can be a different thing. Euphemistically people living in the Ruhrgebiet are described as straightforward - meaning they always say what they think. A frightening prospect especially for British people I am sure. Less well-meaning visitors will just take their behaviour as unfriendly. And that is what it is. I mention this because I had such an experience today at the local waste deposit. You pay an awful lot of money to get rid of some not very bulky waste. One could reckon you are a client. But before you even could have said a word you are treated like a criminal when parking in the wrong place. These are the moments which make me dream of emigrating to merry old England.

Regarding the Football World Championships officials do a lot of effort to train the service people to be friendly. It might work with the engaged volunteers - but beware of contacting the natives.

Before sunset I managed to do my daily biketour (still not running), so here are a couple of photos showing more green scenery, south of the river Ruhr this time.

Ironically the road from where this photo is taken is still called "Kohlenstrasse" meaning Coal Street. But coal mining is gone long since as you see - for about 100 years.

The undulated scenery helps to make biking more effective (between Witten and Hattingen).

Taking in the view in a relaxed way.
(in Albringhausen)

The deer have less reason to be relaxed.
At least they can't read the restaurant's menue at the opposite side of the road.

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