Friday, 12 May 2006

Foot Update

Some news about the progress of my foot's therapy. Last monday I tried to consult my orthopedic whom I have visited for about 20 years now. But I couldn't get an appointment before next week. The assistant at the phone was a new employee and didn't know me. And I was too shy to point out that I am privatly insured (what usually works as an accelerator in such cases - just to give you a hint about how German health system works - doctors receive a higher payment from private insurancies).

So I thought about an alternative and phoned the sports clinic department of St Josefs Hospital in Bochum. And I immediately got a fixed date for the following day! The hospital cooperates with the local university. There were 2 doctors and a student to check my foot. I was very pleased that they took their time to inspect my injury. They seemed to have a great experience in coping with runners. What I liked most was that they didn't blame me for still running while already injured. They seemed to be used to sports people behaviour.

To shorten the story: The diagnosis is still the same. It's an irritation of the Peroneus Tendon. Treatment: New orthotics with even more support to prevent pronation and injections with "Traumeel", an homeopathic medicine. I had expected Cortisone to be injected but the doctor feared to damage the tendon using it. However, there was no Traumeel left and therefore I got a 5% Cortisone injection today and this is how the ankle now is looking:

It is a bit colourful and swollen now but this is a matter of time. Next week I will get the new orthotics and then I am supposed to try a short and easy run!

By the way - I invented a new method to display my medals. They are still in the guests' toilet but now they are hanging on a shower curtain pole - with still enough space left for more to come.

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