Sunday, 21 May 2006

Up and Running

On Friday I got my new orthotics. As I feared they are too narrow and the smallest and biggest toes are located beside it when using it inside my running shoes. I will have to get them corrected. But the support seems to be ok. - Didn't the doctor say I could try a short run now? My foot was free of pain for the whole of the week. The injection seemed to have worked wonders.

It happened that just this Saturday one of my favourite local races took place. The organisers publish an ever present ranking where I was named at 8th place after last year's race. Not running this time would make me fall back in the listing.

So I decided to take part in the 5K race and keep to a leisurely pace. Then things went somewhat out of control. Talking to running friend Andrea about the race I offered to work as her pace maker. She wanted to finish inside 23 minutes to make it into the local 5K ranking list. Not really a leisurely pace after 4 weeks without any step of running but I thought it would be ok.

The race went off, Andrea started much too fast (no chance for me to stop her) and slowed down on the second kilometer. Soon it was clear that she couldn't reach her target. Then I spotted running friend Burkhard 100 meters in front of us, got the idea to work as a pacemaker for him and said Good Buy to Andrea. As you already might reckon speed increased even more. I finished together with Burkhard after 21:35 minutes and immediately after crossing the finish line I felt my foot starting to hurt again. Well, today - after one night - it is much better again and I hope my lack of selfcontrol will remain without consequences.

Finishing the first of two laps. I have just left Andrea making my way to catch Burkhard. It doesn't look that I have put on any weight during 4 weeks without running, does it?

During the 10K race there were some obstacles to overcome. The poultry stayed really cool.

Cool parents - cool kids.

One main reason for keeping up running is that you meet pretty and lovely friends. You might notice that once I get such a nice lady like Michaela in my arms I take my chance and grab her firmly. And how do you find my running hairstyle?

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