Friday, 26 May 2006

Off to the Atlantic Ocean

This is the place what we are heading for next Sunday. The volcanic archipelago of the 9 Azores Islands is located in the Atlantic Ocean, at nearly a third of the way from Europe to North America. Within a fortnight of holidays it is not possible to visit each of the islands. We will have a week on Sao Miguel, the biggest one, and the second week on Pico which is especially attractive for me as it is home of Portugal's highest mountain. This is called Pico, too, and 2351 meters high.

Favourite tourist activities on the Azores are walking and whale watching. For Angelika there is horse riding and hopefully for me bike riding. Certainly birdwatching will be another attraction. The weather at this time of the year is quite similar to wet Germany, not too warm and with the daily chance of a bit of rain.

I look forward to tasting the local wine but I am a little worried about the food available on the islands. Years ago we have been to Madeira and there - once you have left the capital town Funchal - it was sometimes difficult or impossible to find anything suitable for vegetarians. Hopefully things have improved meanwhile.

I will take my laptop with me but I doubt that there will be any wireless internet access available. There are very few internet cafes which all have short opening times. I will try but maybe will not be able to post before back on June 15. Well, all this looks like it will be a proper and relaxing holiday. Angelika seems to need some days off urgently.

So long, take care and happy running. Uli

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