Sunday, 21 May 2006

Driving faster

Though some parts of my body were still hurting today I could not resist to take out my racing bike. I have not used it for 2 years as last summer I had to undergo a surgery at my left shoulder and therefore was not able to bike all year. For my first tour I chose an easy flat route around the suburbs of Witten. The racing bike is remarkably lighter and the distance between the wheels is shorter. Riding it is great fun, not only are you faster but you have a better feeling driving through sharp bends.

One main advantage biking has in comparison to running is that you can easily stop at your favourite ice cream parlour, enjoy your (big!) portion and carry on afterwards. I have not yet tried this on a long run. But my bike tours are incomplete without having a couple of scoops.

Thanks to LEO I know that this is called colza or rape in English. A field between Bochum and Witten.

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