Wednesday, 26 July 2006

Dancing on the top

Saturday: rest
Sunday: Zugspitz Race, 16.1K, 2100m, 3:04 hrs

Monday: bike tour, 65K, 3hrs
Tuesday: bike tour, 100K, 5hrs
Wednesday: hot run, 14.5K, 1:20hrs


it is Wednesday evening now and I am still excited about last Sunday's race. I surpassed my own expectations and finished on the top of Germany after 3 hrs 04 minutes, which was 17 minutes faster than last year.

We were a group of 10 good tempered runners of my home town Witten. Two thirds of the race I was accompanied by some of them, but the longer the race the fewer were with me. Surprisingly I was able to outrun several chaps who normally are much quicker than me on flat ground. It seems like I have discovered a new talent: hill running. Certainly this race was my best performance since London 2004.

Now it is tapering again for next Saturday when I will try to finish the Swiss Alpine Marathon. For me it is the 42K race. Originally I intended to run the ultra race of 78K but after missing a lot of training in spring I think that I am not ready for this kind of adventure. The 42K race will still be the toughest race I ever did. It covers more than 2000 height meters and reaches its highest point at 2600 meters.

Those of you able to read German might like to look at my race report. Or just look at the photos.

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