Monday, 10 July 2006


Saturday: gym, 2hrs, and biking 39K, 130m, 1:37hrs
Sunday: long hilly run, 31K, 530m, 2:58hrs
Monday: rest

The double workout on Saturday turned out to be too much for my left thigh. During the Sunday long run the muscle hardened and I am now forced to rest for two or three days. Regarding the fine weather it is not easy to stay at home but I have no choice as long as I will not put my next race at risk.

Sunday evening I was so tired that I fell asleep before the end of the World Cup Final. I missed Zidane's blackout and the penalty shootout. I wonder what Materazzi, the Italian player, has said to Zizou. It must have been a really severe provocation. Words can harm more than a physical attack. I feel for Zidane and I reckon the Italian had to be sent off, too. The French's bad luck was that there were cameras but no microphone. I looked up Zidane's zodiac sign because I expected him to be Aries like me - but he is cancer.

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