Tuesday, 11 July 2006

Tiger in the Cage

Tuesday: rest

It was another hard day with the sun out all day and me condemned to refrain from any kind of sports. Several times during the day I walked up and down the living room and balcony like an imprisoned wild animal. At least I managed to do some work on the website. All three pages on the Tanzanian National Parks are now translated into English - just in time before the new London Marathon season starts on Aug 1 when I hope to get more overseas visitors. Tanzanian National Parks

The commented photo gallery about the Azorean islands is published, too, but I regret it is only in German so far. I intend to translate these pages though it will take some time as next Saturday I am off to the Alps for at least a fortnight. Azores Gallery

My thigh seems to be fairly fit again. So I hope to go for a bike tour tomorrow. Running has to be postponed again because there is another little ache to be cured near the hip - a bone called spine of iscium I found out. Wiki

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