Friday, 14 July 2006

On Tour Again

Wednesday: biking, 58K, 385 meters, 2:45 hrs
Thursday: slow jog, 10K, 1:08 hrs
Friday: rest

Things are (nearly) packed now and the living room is looking like I would be going on an expedition. Equipment for running, biking and various kinds of hillwalking will fill up the car boot tomorrow morning when I make my way to the very very South of Germany. The area around the fjord like Königsee is Germany's only National Park in the Alps and it is truly gorgious - as long as the weather is fine.

My main target next week is to climb Watzmann (2713m). Many call it the second highest mountain of Germany, in fact it is just the forth but it is certainly the most beautiful one. It is my third attempt to get to the top. First time there was too much snow, second time I made it at least to Watzmann hut at 1930m before the weather forced me to turn back to the valley.

I had to cancel the hilly intervals this week due to the problem I still have with my left thigh. I thought it was cured but the pain returned during the slow jog yesterday. So I will have to be cautious not to put next week's hill race on risk.

Of course I take my camera with me and hope to post some mountain pictures during following days. My b&b provides WLAN access (what affected my choice obviously).

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