Wednesday, 5 July 2006

Pat or Part

Sunday: hilly long run, 26.5K, 585 height meters, 2:34 hrs
Monday: gym, 2 hrs

Tuesday: biking, 60K, 385 height meters, 2:45 hrs

The media created a new word to describe what is happening in German during World Cup times. It is not patriotism, it is partyotism. Exactly that's it, but it is over now after the last two minutes of yesterday's semi final.

I tried to get a ticket at the black market in front of the stadium in Dortmund. But the situation was much more difficult than 32 years ago. The demand remained much higher than the offerings right until 9 o'clock when the match started. The cheapest ticket I saw being sold cost 300 Euros. There were also VIP-tickets on sale for 500 Euros. But all this exceeded my budget significantly. So I left the place while even the neighboured event halls had to be closed after 60.000 people got in there. I missed the first 25 minutes of the match until I arrived at a public viewing place in my hometown Witten. But finally I was happy to have saved my money.

World Cup 74 in Dortmund was indeed a different thing. Ticket price was 10 Deutschmarks!
The match Netherlands vs. Brasil was the best I have ever seen with the most elegant player I have ever seen: Johan Cruyff. He scored and Holland made it to the final where they lost vs. Germany.

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