Wednesday, 19 July 2006

A Dream Came True

Sorry being late with the posting, but my B&B has not only the poorest breakfast outside France. What drives me crazy is that they don't care about the wireless internet access and switch it off whenever they like and just ignore my complaining.

Now I am lying on my bed with legs raised and I can feel the blood flowing through the legs. My feet are covered with blisters, the ankle hurts and all leg muscels are crying for a day of rest. But this is a story of success. Another one of my many dreams came true. I have been to all three tops of the Watzmann. The route along the exposed ridge looked dramatic but it was easier than it seemed to be. The mountain guide did a very good job and brought us (there was one other guest) up and down without any risk.

The Watzmann as seen from the Grünstein, a nice viewpoint at 1300 meters. The main ridge with the first two tops is seen to the right. The third top is hidden behind.

The night before the ridge walk one has to stay overnight at the beautiful Watzmann Hut.

One of the many exposed sections on the ridge.

Many more photos can be seen in the Summer in the Alps gallery 2, also of todays climb of another mountain, the Hoher Göll, which finally put my legs over the edge - luckily not myself.

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