Friday, 7 July 2006

Local Alps

Wednesday: fast hilly run, 16K, 310m, 1:21 hrs
Thursday: rest
Friday: biking, 81K, 627m, 3:12 hrs

Luckily all fellow runners of the Thursday group called off the run yesterday which I was sort of glad about because of the tough workout the day before. I call the Wednesday group "The fast Stags". They are runners of a league different to mine. Spontaneously I tried to keep the group's pace and I was surprised that I was able to stay with them for 13K. I lost two minutes on the final ascents but it was still the fastest training run on this route I did for years. Due to the rest on Thursday I will only run twice this week but I don't worry. With a long hilly run of 30+K on Sunday I will hopefully be ready for the Zugspitz race and the following mountain marathon at Davos in Switzerland.

I did something silly yesterday. I entered a bike race! It will take place in my native town Bochum on a rather tough route of 60K. The locals call the hills south of the town the "Alps of Bochum". On Aug 13 in the afternoon there will be a race for professional bikers and in the morning there is also a race for everyone. That is to say everybody who is able to cover the distance with an average speed of 25K/h which is a total time of 2:24 hrs for 60K. The challenge is that the 4 laps of the route have a total height difference of about 700 meters. I tested the most arduous part of the race today and just managed to reach the demanded average speed. I look forward to this event as the race passes the theatre area where I grew up.

Link: Sparkassen-Giro Bochum

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