Tuesday, 9 January 2007

102 days to go

training stats
tu 01/09: gym, indoor bike 60 min (oh, boring!)
mo 01/08: gym, indoor bike 30 min

102 days until London Marathon race day! Time to set up the training schedule. But how should I? I can't even jog for half an hour now.

I was happy to get through to the Doc yesterday. It was his first day of business after Christmas holidays. He confirmed my diagnosis: It's a damage of the cartilage at the backside of the kneecap (
chondromalacia patellae, runner's knee).

Number One treatment at Wiki says:
"Avoiding sports or activities suspected of causing the injury until recovered."

And how about my training schedule for the remaining 102 days? Indoor biking is the most boring activity I know. My only motivation while doing it for 60 minutes is repeating my mantra: "It's for the London". The only thing I know is: I desperately want to run this marathon on April 22, even if it was my very last run.

What really let me get upset: I have to wait until Thursday to get x-rays and the treatment started. This is a pity especially as I know the treatment will be nothing else than injections of Hyaluronan. I should have asked the Doc to start it immediately.

The picture shows the cartilage at the back of the kneecap as a thin white cover. The pressure between kneecap and thigh bone is highest when the joint is bent to an angle of 90°.

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