Friday, 5 January 2007

Indoor Sports

training stats
tu 01/02: gym, indoor bike 40 min
we 01/03: gym, indoor bike 60 min, treadmill 1.0K
th 01/04: gym, indoor bike 45 min, treadmill 2.5K
fr 01/05: gym, indoor bike 40 min, treadmill 1.5K

Due to various injuries, 2006 saw my lowest mileage since 1998:

Nevertheless I achieved some fairly good results, at least when looking at the age graded figures. With an average monthly mileage of 128K (80 miles) I managed to run my 4th fastest marathon (of 16) and the 2nd fastest half marathon (of 19). This result proves that one can keep the performance level for a good while without proper training. But I am sure this will not work for another season.

Sadly the new year is starting like the one gone ended. All my knee allows is to bike easily. I tried some steps on the treadmill after more than 2 weeks without running but the feeling is not very promising. At least the gym sessions and bike workouts let me feel staying active. You should see me sweating like a pig when sitting on the indoor bike.

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