Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Missing Medicine

training stats
we 01/24: gym 2 hrs
tu 01/23: rest
mo 01/22: gym 2 hrs
su 01/21: slow jog 6 K
sa 01/20: gym 2 hrs, indoor bike 50 min

Finally I managed to complete the English version of my Nepal Trekking Photo Gallery. Please have a look, as long as you are interested in hill walking I hope you will enjoy it.

I am glad to have finished this work. Now I am ready to start a new project which I have been dreaming of since long. I aim to complete it until end of this year but it may take even longer. Sorry, I hesitate to tell you any details as I am afraid I might fail. I will need a lot of energy to keep it going. And this is where running gets involved.

Running usually is my medicine to help me overcome the daily life's trouble. After one hour of jogging through the local woods the world seems to be easier to get along with. Not being able to run causes self-pity enough. To make things worse it meets a period where I desperately need my medicine to cope with extraordinary issues.

Last Sunday's jog seemed to show some improvement at first. I was able to run the distance of 6 K without a single stop. I tried to change my running style slightly and put the load on the forefoot mainly. This should help to relieve the knees. But next morning I was thrown back and it hurt as bad as it did weeks ago. Therefore I will now refrain from any running for at least a week.

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