Saturday, 13 January 2007

Therapy started

training stats
sa 01/13: gym, indoor bike 45 min
fr 01/12: gym, treadmill 2K
th 01/11: doc, first injection
we 01/10: gym, indoor bike 30 min

Three X-rays were taken to confirm the well-known diagnosis: chondromalacia patellae, runner's knee. The good news is that the joint looks fine, the bones are not affected, it is just the cartilage that bothers me.

The treatment is just like already described. I get injections into the knee with Hyaluronan, once a week, five overall.

Accompanying therapies are weight training, icing, taking aminoglucose. I have already been practising this for weeks.

What really annoys me is the knee's behaviour. No pain when walking stairs up and down, no pain when weight training, no pain when biking, no pain all day. I have only have to start running and after a couple of hundred yards the bloody knee hurts.

In the depth of a cupboard I found a Genutrain knee support brace which I used years ago. It might help again now. And I will substitute my new orthotics with old ones to see if this is another reason for the trouble.

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