Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Power Man

training stats
tu 01/16: gym 2hrs
mo 01/15: OUTdoor biking, 69K, 3:20 hrs
so 01/14: easy jog, 6 K, 35 min

Went out for a jog on Sunday morning but I refuse to call it a success. Well, compared to the previous Sunday there was some improvement. It was not after 2 minutes but after 20 minutes when the pain started this time. Forecasted by this rate I should be able to run 200 minutes next Sunday.

However, after all the frequent gym training during recent weeks I felt so strong and full of power I would have loved to jump through the woods for 200 minutes already. Alas - it was not possible. Only with the help of several stops and a bit of walking I was able to complete the 6 K.

I don't really enjoy training with weights but at least it let you get the feeling of being active. Will try the treadmill for a 5K tomorrow.

Now I look forward to receiving the 2nd injection. As Hyaluronan is not a pain killer but sort of "food" for the suffering cartilage it takes some time till any recovery will appear hopefully.

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